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20th December 2023

A Glimpse into USA Healthcare Innovation by Jonathan Tierney

Jonathan shares his learning from the ABHI US Trade Mission Programme.

Tampa Floria

I was delighted to join the ABHI US Trade Mission Programme in Orlando, Miami and Tampa last month as Seating Matters Director. Being the second-largest employer for medical device manufacturing in the entire US, Florida holds significant importance for HealthTech companies, boasting a foundation of over 45,000 healthcare establishments.

The experience provided me with valuable insights into the latest trends and innovations in the healthcare sector. I am pleased to share them as I delve into the key takeaways, shedding light on the emphasis on quality of care, patient and staff satisfaction, and groundbreaking advancements shaping the future of healthcare.

Jonathan at Jewett Orthopedic Institute
Jonathan at Jewett Orthopedic Institute

Quality of Care

One of the central themes that emerged was the enormous emphasis placed on the quality of care and ensuring both patient and staff satisfaction. The discussions underscored the critical role these factors play in the overall healthcare experience.

The trip brought to light the significant challenge of staff shortages, leading to hospitals exceeding patient limits and resorting to hiring travel nurses, putting budgets under further restraint. A notable trend discussed during the trip was the outsourcing of administrative staff to countries like India and the Philippines for remote work, addressing the challenge of staffing shortages and providing a cost-effective solution.

Evidence-Based Procurement

At Seating Matters, we preach about the importance of evidence-based practice throughout our training seminars and events, and it was proven to be of the utmost importance during the trip with hospitals noting that the procurement process and purchases were dependent on it. The emphasis on ensuring that purchases are rooted in proven effectiveness and positive outcomes is a strategic move toward enhancing patient care and optimizing resource allocation.

With tightening budgets, the discussions emphasized the importance of evaluating the return on investment within a two-year timeframe. This approach ensures that resources are allocated efficiently and that the impact of investments is assessed promptly.

Innovations in Patient Care

Several groundbreaking innovations in patient care were highlighted, including initial nursing assessments for fall risks, hospital-at-home programs, and advanced treatments like proton t

herapy at facilities such as Baptist Care. These innovations not only improve patient outcomes but also contribute to cost-effective healthcare delivery.

I gained insights into the White House Cancer Moonshot initiative, with a focus on reducing cancer-related deaths by 50% in 25 years. Additionally, the importance of patient advocacy groups (PFAC) in shaping healthcare policies and practices was emphasized.

I had the opportunity to explore si

mulation centers, such as the University of South Florida's Center for Advanced Learning. These centers utilize advanced technologies like CGI surgery simulations and mannequin-based training, offering a cost-effective and immersive approach to medical education. The group was able to participate in some of the CGI training, performing surgeries through gamification an

d even delivered a baby!

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