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About Us

Established in 2008, Seating Matters set out to create clinical, therapeutic seating that would cater to the holistic needs of patients - providing comfort, postural support, pressure management and improving quality of life.

Our Purpose

It is our mission to improve millions of lives a year.

Seating Matters exists to improve and enhance the quality of life of patients through clinical excellence. That is why our brand mantra is JUST ASK THE PATIENT.

Seating does matter, any patient can tell you.

Clinicians, care givers and families can validate, that the correct clinical therapeutic seating can transform how a patient spends their day out of bed, reducing risks like pressure injuries and their consequences which profoundly affect medical outcomes and patient well-being.

That is what we are all about. It matters to us. We care passionately about improving lives through innovative healthcare seating and every team member across our company is dedicated to that goal.

Our History

Seating Matters is a family run business.

Martina Tierney, an Occupational Therapist and author of The Clinician’s Seating Handbook, designed the first Seating Matters chairs to meet the needs of her individual patients with complex needs and pressure injuries.

Throughout Martina’s 30 year career working with patients, Martina discovered the profound effects that unsafe seating could have on patient outcomes and designed chairs to meet their clinical and functional needs.

After results from a clinical research trial proved that Seating Matters chairs helped reduce pressure injuries, falls and care giver injuries, demand for Seating Matters expanded globally.

Seating Matters began to supply government and hospital systems throughout the world and developed partnerships with healthcare facilities to help them reduce cost of care.

Seating Matters is committed to helping millions of lives a year through their products and global partnerships.

Why Choose Us?

Seating Matters exists to improve and enhance the quality of life of patients through clinical excellence.

Clinical Excellence

Clinical Excellence

Set yourself apart with products that help you achieve clinical excellence.

Reducing the Cost of Care

Reducing the Cost of Care

Products that positively impact budget spend by preventing avoidable injuries and staff intervention.

Reducing Injuries

Reducing Injuries

With the right clinical, therapeutic seating you can achieve a reduction in injuries just as falls and pressure injuries.

Clinically Designed Products

Clinically Designed Products

All products have been clinically designed to offer support for, not just the patients, but also the care givers.

Just ask the experts...

We care passionately about improving lives through innovative healthcare seating.

Lean Thinking

At Seating Matters, we pride ourselves on our decision to become Lean.

Simply put, Lean is a method to reduce non value added activities from a process so that we can add more value to our customer.

As a result of this, we have created a culture of continuous improvement, meaning that our products and services are continually enhanced to provide the best service and clinically excellent products, helping as many patients as possible around the world.

Today Seating Matters stands as an example of world class Lean thinkers.

Next Steps

Take the next step to achieve clinical excellence and a 24 hour package of care for patients.

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The Clinician's Seating Handbook

The Clinician's Seating Handbook

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