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A Fresh Look at Seating

I am Martina Tierney, Occupational Therapist (OT) and Clinical Director at Seating Matters. In my career as an OT, I experienced challenges finding seating solutions to meet the needs of my patients. My husband who was an engineer encouraged me to take a fresh look at seating, so we combined his engineering and my clinical skills to design the Seating Matters range of chairs.
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Clinically Researched

We saw the positive effect specialist seating could have on a person’s health and quality of life, so partnered with Ulster University to carry out a randomised control trial to explore the impact of specialist seating prescription on a group of older adults in 3 care settings. We are proud of this important piece of work.
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Exceptional Quality

Down to the finest details, we accept nothing but the best at Seating Matters. We work to the highest manufacturing standards to ensure we provide the strongest, most durable, well-engineered chairs in the world. These chairs have been thoughtfully designed to meet the patient’s needs whilst also supporting the caregiver.
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Seating Matters have extensive experience in solving the most complex patient problems. With the Milano™, we’ve taken that clinical expertise and famous high quality to a more universal, affordable chair.

Designed for equipment loan stores, hospitals, care facilities and home care, the Milano™ is designed to give comfort, postural support and pressure management while saving you money at the same time.

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  • Product Range

    Every Seating Matters chair has been designed by Martina Tierney OT and clinically trialled. Every detail has been developed and engineered to offer optimum quality and support for the user.



The Tierney family at Seating Matters are proud to be working with leading healthcare organisations around the world.


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Seating Matters are proud to support the below charities.

Aware NI

Rossmar School, Limavady

Haiti in our Hands

Cash for Kids

“Mobility was not enough. Wheelchairs meet just the mobility needs of our clients but for most people, pressure, posture, comfort and function are high on the list of priorities too. I wanted to create something that would meet all of these needs in one simple to use, easily adjusted, integrated product.”
Martina Tierney, OT, Clinical Director, Seating Matters
“Seating Matters is set apart from other companies by their passion and knowledge for their product and clients. I have been to seminars and discussions and their passion never fails to impress me.”
Lottie Armitage, OT
“The Lunch & Learn training really highlighted the importance of seating. I see how future patients
could benefit from the chairs.”
Hayley, OT
“I would recommend the Lunch & Learn training to my colleagues and the
Seating Specialist Jamie was very knowledgeable.”
Catherine Forster, OT
“I requested a brochure and to my delight received this within a week. I cannot recommend them enough, I’ve seen the difference it makes and I look forward to seeing more and more service users correctly seated in the future.”
Nicola Wright, OT
“We are absolutely convinced this seating solution saved his life.”
Jim DeCicco, Chicago

How We Are Transforming Lives

Researchers from Ulster University carried out a 2 year research project to investigate how proper seating can improve health and quality of life for older people or those with disabilities. The results will surprise and amaze you.

The occupational therapists and clinicians involved the in the randomised control trial included lecturers from Ulster University and therapists from Seating Matters, including Martina Tierney. The trial measured the changes that occurred by prescribing therapeutic seating as opposed to using regular chairs.

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