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Therapeutic Seating Range

All of our products have been developed and engineered to offer optimum quality, safety, pressure management and support for both patients and caregivers.


  • Multi-User
  • Fully Adjustible
  • Sara Stedy Compatible

To achieve clinical excellence in a multi-user environment, the Milano, with its clinical design, adjustability and full compatibility with stand aids, like the Sara Stedy, is the perfect chair for acute and long term care facilities, reducing risk of injury to the patients and caregivers.


  • Complex Upper Body Support
  • 45° Tilt
  • Fully Adjustable

For highly dependent patients with complex postural and seating needs, the Phoenix has been clinically designed to provide maximum postural support and comfort. Accommodating a variety of spinal conditions, the Phoenix adapts to the changing needs of patients in ICU, HDU, SCI and through rehabilitation, or to meet the long term needs of a progressive condition.

Bariatric Sorrento

  • Supports ≤650 lbs
  • Fully Motorised
  • Gluteal Shelf Adjustments

For bariatric patients with low mobility and extended stays in bed, the Bariatric Sorrento is a tilt in space, fully motorized chair that can accommodate the varying body shapes and support patients up to 650lbs, reducing the risk of injury for both the patient and caregiver.


  • 45° Tilt
  • Pressure Management
  • Patient Lift Accessible

For low mobility patients, and patients with extended stays in bed, the Sorrento is widely used in hospitals and rehabilitation units, clinically designed to reduce pressure injuries, prevent sliding, falls and safely increase early mobilization.


  • Falls Prevention
  • Integrated Tilt & Recline
  • Leg Elevation

For patients at risk of falls, and those with vigorous, involuntary movements, the Atlanta has been clinically designed to provide a robust, durable and safe environment, reducing the risk of injury and falls.


  • Multi-Functional
  • Designed for Mobility
  • Designed for Comfort

Designed for comfort and mobility, the Monaco reduces sliding, discomfort and shear as it helps to maintain positioning of the pelvis. Its low seat to floor height makes it easy to strand from, making it a multi-functional comfort chair recommended for mobile patients.

Kids Chairs

  • Complex Upper Body Support
  • Tilt in Space
  • Pressure Management

For a growing child with changing needs, the Seating Matters Kids range of tilt in space chairs, with their effortless adjustability ensuring their comfort, posture and pressure management benefits remain uncompromised.


  • Riser Recliner
  • Tilt in Space

The Denver was designed to bring the clinical features of the Seating Matters chairs to patients who need help from sitting to standing. It is ideal for users with reduced mobility who may require some help with upright sitting, postural support or with the reduction of pressure injuries or pressure ulcers.

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The Clinician's Seating Handbook

The Clinician's Seating Handbook is used in academia, in clinical practice and with caregivers around the world to guide their practices around specialist seating and contains;

  • Practical tips on cultivating a 24 hour package of care
  • Your guide for supporting various spinal presentations
  • A guide to seating bariatric and pediatric patients
  • Information on the new staging guidelines for pressure injuries
  • Detailed patient case studies

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