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07th September 2023

Safe and Comfortable Seating Reduces Falls in Care home for Dementia Residents

Seating Matters Sorrento and Atlanta are both DSDC accredited products that significantly benefit individuals and support clinicians in achieving their clinical objectives. We are pleased to share the impressive accomplishments of Cuan Chaitriona Nursing Home in Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland, as they incorporate these chairs to enhance the well-being of their residents.

The Director of Nursing, Eveleen Horan, has been leading continuous learning initiatives for her staff. With her nursing background, she understands the importance of education and training, equipping her team to optimally utilise the chairs.

"The training played a pivotal role in the exceptional performance of the chairs in our unit," stated Eveleen.

The local Seating Specialists from Advanced Seating initially visited Cuan Chaitriona Nursing Home to demonstrate the chairs. "Tom from Advanced Seating came to showcase the chairs to the staff. They experienced them firsthand, gaining a clear understanding of their features, especially the crucial footplate positioning. The tilt in space function's impact on client comfort was evident," Eveleen explained. "This better understanding has led us to allocate a staff member specifically for changing clients' positions every half hour, if needed."

Eveleen also expressed her appreciation for her dedicated team, genuinely concerned about the residents' welfare, ensuring they avoid developing pressure ulcers. She recounted the story of a resident with dementia, who, despite trying numerous chairs, remained restless and required frequent repositioning—until the Sorrento chair made a significant difference. "She found comfort in the Sorrento chair, leading to improved sleep quality, the elimination of the need for a seat belt, and a remarkable 9-month fall-free period."

"We have noticed a decrease in sheering & friction incidents as the residents are more stable in the chairs, benefiting both the resident and the caregiver by reducing injury treatment time," Eveleen stated.

Eveleen shared another success story, highlighting a lady with severe contractures with her elbows and discomfort in her custom-built wheelchair required constant help. However, now finds absolute comfort in the Atlanta chair, even more so than her bed.

The continued support from Advanced Seating, who carried out clinical training and client reassessments at Cuan Chaitriona Care Home, was greatly appreciated.

We're delighted to hear of the success experienced by the residents and staff at Cuan Chaitriona, obtaining the benefits of Seating Matters chairs.