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Early Mobilisation: Why are our patients deconditioning

Supporting patients to mobilise as soon as possible after an acute illness is a fundamental part of recovery. During this webinar Sharon Rindsland delves into the power of early mobilisation, looking at why our patients are deconditioning, why the activity of daily living is an important part of nursing care and the effects of immobility.

This webinar is essential for healthcare professionals, caregivers, and anyone interested in the intersection of ergonomics and patient care.

Sharon has over 20 years’ experience in manual handling and has worked at three acute trusts across Kent. In her current role as Moving and Handling Senior Co-ordinator at East Kent Hospital University Foundation Trust, she advises on how to implement the Moving and Handling Policy and on strategies to meet specific Trust and departmental needs. She is on the Board of the National Back Exchange as Conference Director, and is chair of the Kent group. Among many qualifications, she holds an MSc in Ergonomics and Human Factors from Derby University and a certificate of education from Canterbury College.


Sydney GoFlat

The award winning Sydney GoFlat™ has been designed to enable safe and efficient transfer of critical care patients from lying in bed to a fully seated, clinically optimised position offering care professionals new options in early patient mobilisation.

For low mobility patients, and patients with extended stays in bed, the Sorrento is widely used in hospitals and rehabilitation units, clinically designed to reduce pressure injuries, prevent sliding, falls and safely increase early mobilization.

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