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The Atlanta 2™ has been clinically designed to provide a robust, durable and safe environment.

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Bariatric Seating - Not Just A Bigger Chair

During this free webinar Martina Tierney, Seating Matters Clinical Director, explains how accommodating larger clients is not just about getting a wider chair and Jonathan Tierney, Director demonstrates the Bariatric Sorrento.

Martina discusses:

- Assessing seating for the bariatric client including key measurements
- Unique challenges & factors to consider
- Skin breakdown



The Seating Matters Centerline® is a new product designed for the care-giver, to help minimise effort when transporting patients throughout the home, hospital or care facility.

Centerline is a retrofittable device that positions a suspension castor underneath the chair’s centre of mass. It is designed to minimise sideways movement when pushing a patient in a straight line or around corners. Moving patients can be a very physical task, with occupational injuries becoming an increasing burden on the healthcare system.

The Centerline is a solution to make the caregivers life easier and give a much better patient handling experience. This innovation is highly recommended for our Bariatric Sorrento chair which is suitable for patient weights of up to 650lbs / 46st.

Centerline can be used in any setting and is designed to accommodate ramps, obstacles and uneven surfaces. Contact your seating matters provider today to find out how Centerline can help your moving and handling experience.

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