Sorrento 2

Incorporating caregiver, clinical and patient feedback, the Sorrento 2 has been engineered to offer the highest levels of clinical support for patients and offering caregivers an enhanced user experience when caring for their patients. Used widely in hospitals and rehabilitation units, the Sorrento 2 provides comfort, support, security and long term benefit to the user.

*Available in Canada, coming soon to USA

Clinical Features

In line with the latest clinical guidelines, the Sorrento 2 includes features for an improved patient and caregiver experience. Our helpful team of seating experts are happy to support you with joint assessments or demonstrations of the new features.

Product Features

  • 30° and 45° tilt in space
  • Adjustable back height
  • Adjustable seat width
  • Arm height adjustability
  • Configurable back
  • Higher elevating and extending leg rest
  • Integrated charger and handset with handset holder
  • Negative Angle Leg Rest to accommodate tight hamstrings
  • Tool free seat depth adjustability
  • Wider calfpad and footplate

Clinical Benefits

The chair has been designed to reduce pressure, prevent sliding and falls from the chair and encourage early mobilization for patients who spend the majority of their time in bed.

30° and 45° Tilt in Space

30° and 45° Tilt in Space

Improved Pressure Management

Improved Pressure Management

Stand Aid Compatibility

Stand Aid Compatibility

Original Sorrento

We are still supporting Sorrento™ models in use by our customers. If you require information or advice on an existing Sorrento, please contact us.

How to Buy

If you are interested in bringing clinical excellence into your facility, purchasing a Seating Matters product through our corporate partner Arjo has never been more simple.

Sorrento 2 Accessories

Additional accessories can be added to your Sorrento 2 to increase comfort and safety.

Next Steps

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