The people using our chairs are of utmost importance to us. This is why we provide a free Seating Assessment carried out by a trained Seating Specialist before a chair is ordered.

If your patient or family member requires an assessment please contact us today.


The seating assessment can be carried out in person, free of charge with your local Seating Specialist at a time and place that suits you.


Even if you already know which Seating Matters chair you require and don’t wish to have an in-person seating assessment, we will do an in-depth consultation by telephone, Skype or FaceTime to ensure the chair you are ordering best suits your needs.

The in-person seating assessment or phone consultation will allow our Seating Specialist to assess the patient’s condition and requirements as well as recording measurements such as hip width and flexion along with further notes on their sitting and transfer technique. This ensures each chair fits the patient’s specific needs.

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The person intending to use a Seating Matters chair, their family member or healthcare professional with knowledge of the patient’s condition can make the call. A quick overview of any medical conditions and their current difficulties while seated will be enough information for us to receive in advance of a visit for an Assessment.
Ideally if a healthcare professional who is familiar with the user of the chair, their condition and circumstances can be present at the assessment, it can help you in the decision making process. Any family member who wants to be present is also welcome. Should a healthcare professional not be available, don’t hesitate to organise an Seating Assessment without them as we will guide you through the assessment by asking questions to understand their condition and requirements from the chair.
The Seating Assessment will be arranged at a time and a place that suits you and will normally take no longer than one hour.
Should the patient require any additional accessories or custom adaptations to the chair to achieve optimum posture and pressure management, this will be advised within the assessment and included within your quote thereafter.

The Seating Specialist will advise on the most suitable chair and accessories to achieve the ultimate comfort, posture and pressure management for the patient along with the associated cost.

Any queries with regards to your quotation please contact your Seating Specialist or call your local office.



This will very much depend on the outcome of the assessment as the individual user’s needs will be established, defining the required chair and accessories to give them best comfort. We advise that you book an assessment as it’s free of charge and no obligation.

When you are happy to proceed with your order contact your Seating Specialist or your local office. Should you have any questions in advance, please get in touch.

Please contact your Seating Specialist to confirm the order and we will do the rest. The contact details for your local Provider will be on the quote provided, alternatively click here to contact your local Seating Matters office.



Payment can be processed via Purchase Order, Cheque, Debit or Credit Card. Payment must be received before production can commence.

Your chair will be dispatched in an industry leading timeframe and delivered to the best address for you. Standard and Fast Track delivery options are available.

As each chair is handcrafted for you, production commences only when the order is confirmed.

At Seating Matters we put the needs of our clients first and we understand there is often an urgent requirement to provide a chair for a patient in need so to accommodate this we offer a fast track service.

Your chair is delivered pre-built and ready for use, simply remove the protective packaging. Your Seating Specialist will follow up to ensure the patient is best supported and comfortable within the chair and that the users are trained in the use of the chair.


Standard and Fast Track chairs can often be dispatched within days. If your chair requires special customisations to suit your needs, the lead time could increase to approximately 3 weeks. The length of time for your exact chair will be discussed during the assessment.
In most cases, the Seating Specialist will be present to set the chair up for your individual needs. Depending on where the person resides, we may have to follow the procedure of the hospital or care facility and set up could be completed by a therapist or care giver, with assistance from Seating Matters.
You can have total peace of mind when relaxing in a Seating Matters chair as each one has passed the world’s most stringent standards for strength, durability and safety. That’s why we can uphold an industry leading 7 year Frame warranty with total confidence. (7 year warranty applies to the chair frame only. Terms and conditions apply).


Low Cost Per Day & Rapid Delivery

  • Supported by clinical evidence. 
  • Secure position to reduce the risk of falls.
  • Increase function and independence.

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