Sorrento 2

Used widely in hospitals and rehabilitation units, the Sorrento 2 is now available in Canada!

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Reducing cost of care and avoidable patient and care giver injuries

Clinical Evidence

Clinically Researched products proven to help hospital facilities reduce costs of care by helping to reduce pressure injuries, increase mobilization and reduce dependence on care givers.

A clinical field trial revealed significant findings including;


reduction in falls & sliding


decrease in pressure injuries


saved on treatment of pressure injuries

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Reduce Falls

Many patients who use clinical, therapeutic seating are also those who are in high risk categories for falls. Falls which cause injury most commonly occur in those aged over 65 with two-thirds of falls being among those aged 80 years and above

Seating Matters chairs have been clinically designed to assist in the prevention of falls.

Increase Early Mobilization

Early mobilization as soon as medically safe during a recovery from critical illness has been shown to improve long term outcomes for the patient, decrease repositioning needs, expedite discharge and reduce re-admissions.

Seating Matters chairs have been clinically designed to help aid early mobilization and reduce the need for time spent in bed.

Reduce Work Load & Risk of Injury

Care work is rated as one of the most dangerous jobs to do in the US, with a rate of 7.1 recordable injury cases per 100 full time employees.

Repositioning and helping patients stand, is an all-too-common cause of staff injuries.

The right chairs help eliminate this risk.

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The Clinician's Seating Handbook

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