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Have questions about Seating Matters chairs? Explore our comprehensive FAQ page for answers to some of the most common inquiries

Seating Matters Training

Common inquiries about our Seating Matters Trainiing

  • What training is available for my team?

    We offer the following types of Training:

    • Master Class Clinical Training (view our website for upcoming events)
    • Seating Matters offers Clinical Seating Training, which is aimed at educating clinicians on the research we have completed with Ulster University in Northern Ireland, which provides the best evidence-based practice.
    • During the training session we aim to educate on the following topics:
    • The importance of seating and how it can impact a client’s posture, pressure care, or function.
    • An update on the clinical research with the University of Ulster which proved a significant reduction in pressure injuries
    • The Four Principles of Pressure Management in Seating.
    • Step-by-step practical tips to help prevent falls and pressure injuries
    • Practical chair demonstrations

    Sessions last approx. 6 hours and can be booked by following the link on our website: Learn | Clinician Resources | Seating Matters

    • Mini Masterclass Training

    We bring training to you at your facility or venue of choice. During the training, our team will present the research conducted by Seating Matters. You are invited to bring along any difficult case studies to discuss, our Seating Specialist can assist with identifying possible solutions. You will have the opportunity to try our chairs yourself and all candidates will receive a CPD certificate.

    *Sessions usually last between 60-90 minutes and can be booked by contacting our dedicated customer care team via email or via the following link Contact Us | Seating Matters and completing our online form.

    • Technical chair training
    • Our Seating Specialists will provide a comprehensive chair demonstration for you and your team. This will include an overview of our assessment process, they will also explain in detail all the features of our chairs and how each chair functions. These training sessions are an excellent opportunity for you and your team to experience our chairs first-hand.

    * Sessions usually last between 60-90 minutes and can be booked by contacting our dedicated customer care team via email or via the following link Contact Us | Seating Matters and completing our online form

Seating Matters Assessment Process

Common inquiries about our Assessment Process

  • What information do I require when booking an assessment?

    When booking your assessment appointment our dedicated Customer Care Team will request some further information. This information will provide our Seating Specialists with a background to your needs. Our chair collection encompasses a variety of configurations and sizes, we want to ensure we can custom-tailor your assessment to meet your unique needs, and our goal is to ensure you derive the maximum benefit from your seating experience.

    Our Customer Care Team will require the following:

    • Brief medical background
    • Your height and weight (and hip width if possible)
    • Any restrictions to your property i.e. access, door widths, etc
    • Any postural or pressure problems
    • How you will transfer in and out of the chair
    • What if any current chair you are using

    Involving your Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist in the process can be highly beneficial. They can communicate directly with us providing essential insights into your postural and pressure care requirements as well as your seating objectives.

    If we know all of these things prior to your assessment it will mean our seating assessors can bring the most appropriate chairs and accessories along to your appointment.

    What is an assessment and do I need one?

    The cornerstone of effective specialist seating provision lies in a thorough assessment. A thorough assessment is essential because individuals' needs and challenges vary significantly. Ideally, this assessment should involve your healthcare professional i.e. your OT or Physio and our Seating Specialist. The collaboration of their expertise guarantees a holistic approach to addressing your seating requirements, ultimately leading to optimal comfort and support.

    The assessment process is meticulously designed to identify the following important aspects:

    • Clinical Requirements: We assess the specific clinical needs of the chair user, ensuring that the specialist seating meets their unique health and comfort requirements, including pressure care and postural support.
    • Transfer methods: We will consider the method of transferring in and out of the chair.
    • Intended Use: We delve into the purpose for which the chair will be used.
    • Duration of Use: Knowing how the chair will be utilised helps us tailor its features and support accordingly.
    • Accessibility: We will evaluate access to the building and between rooms. Accessibility is vital for seamless movement.

    *our assessments are free, under no obligation.

    Remember, the assessment process considers factors like posture, medical conditions, abilities, goals, and challenges to determine the most suitable specialist seating for an individual. If you’re seeking specialist seating, working closely with your healthcare team and seating specialists will help you find the best solution tailored to your unique needs.

  • How do I book a seating assessment?

    Assessment appointments can be booked using our online pre-assessment booking form (please see link below) or by calling our Customer Care Team on 028777 66624.

  • How long will a seating assessment take to complete?

    The Seating Assessment will be conducted by our clinically trained Seating Specialist and will take around 60 minutes to complete. Please note we require a carer to be present for any assisted transfers of the client into the chair.

  • Can I try the chair before I purchase?

    Yes, our Seating Specialist will bring along a chair for you to try during the assessment process, this will allow you to evaluate the chair first-hand.

Buying from us

Common inquiries about buying from us

  • How much does a chair cost?

    Chair costs vary depending on the type of chair prescribed and any additional parts and accessories required. You can discuss the options with our Customer Care Team on 028777 66624 or your Seating Specialist.

  • Am I VAT exempt?

    VAT exempt applies to those individuals who are disabled and those who have a chronic illness.

    Who can benefit from VAT exemption:

    Option 1. Handicapped individuals who are chronically sick or disabled and purchase goods for personal or domestic use.

    Option 2. Charities that make goods available to disabled individuals for their personal use or domestic use.

    Option 3. Certain eligible bodies i.e. healthcare, and hospitals with charitable funds may also be vat exempt under separate rules. See VAT notice 701/6.

    For option one, please complete a VAT Exemption form by following the link below:

    VAT Relief Form | Seating Matters

    You can also obtain this form by contacting the Customer Care Team on 02877766624

    For option 2 or 3 please provide full details of the charity including the charity number.

  • How do I order my chair?

    Privately purchased chairs can be ordered directly from Seating Matters. When you have received your chair quote from our Seating Specialist you will be also provided with payment options.

    When payment is received your order will be processed, we will keep in touch and advise you when your chair is ready to be despatched.

    Should your chair be purchased through your local NHS health body, we will process your order immediately upon receipt of an approved Purchase Order. Standard lead times apply.

  • How long will it take for my chair to arrive?

    Our standard lead time for manufacturing your chair is approx. 21 days. Please allow 2 days for delivery. There is also the option to fast-track your chair, should you select this option the lead-time on your chair is 5-7 working days until despatch. Speak to our Customer Care Team if you wish to find out more about our fast-track option.

  • Is there a user guide for my chair?

    Yes, all our chairs come with a full user guide attached to the chair. On the serial number sticker, there is a bar code you scan which takes you directly to our technical videos. Should you require any further assistance our Customer Care Team is on hand to offer any assistance.

  • Will my chair arrive set up for use?

    Your chair will leave the factory set to the specification on your chair order. We will coordinate a visit with your Seating Specialist when the chair has arrived at the intended location to complete the setup and ensure that you are fully satisfied with your purchase.


Common inquiries about servicing/repairs

  • Who do I contact if my chair stops working?

    Should you experience any issues with your chair our customer support team is on hand to assist every step of the way. You can contact us through our website by completing the customer support form, our website live chat, emailing us, or calling us at 028777 66624. Please ensure you have the serial number on hand when you call so we can establish the correct specification of the chair and determine if your chair/parts are under warranty.

  • What technical support is available to assist with any queries?

    Our dedicated customer care team is on hand to provide full technical support. However, should you find yourself in need of urgent technical assistance we have a suite of technical support videos available on our website for you to access. Please follow the link below:

    Support Services | Speak To Us | Seating Matters

  • What if I need to order parts for my chair?

    If you know the part you require contact our Customer Care Team who will be delighted to send you over a quote for the part. If you are unsure of the part you require we can organise for a Specialist Chair Evaluation to be arranged with our team of Seating Specialists. If you are emailing our Customer Care Team, photographs of the parts are very helpful as they will help our team to identify the parts required quickly.

    Our Seating Specialist will come out and review your chair and discuss what parts/options are required, they will then provide you with a quote. Please contact our Customer Care Team who will provide you with the cost for a Specialist Chair Evaluation.

    Please have your serial number on hand as it helps our team identify the correct spec of the chair.

  • Can you fit parts to my chair?

    Yes, we can fit parts to your chair. Fitting fees do apply, you can find out what these fitting fees are by contacting our Customer Care Team.

  • Can you service my chair?

    Certainly, if your chair was purchased directly from us we can service your chair, should you require this service we can organise for a Specialist Chair Evaluation to be arranged with our team of Seating Specialists. Our Seating Specialists will complete a full review of your chair, assess for any extra parts required, and thoroughly clean your chair to leave it in a pristine condition for you.

    If your chair was purchased through one of our trusted distribution partners please contact them directly to discuss your service requirements.

    Please contact our Customer Care Team who will provide you with the cost for a Specialist Chair Evaluation.

  • I no longer require the chair, can you take it back?

    Unfortunately no, we do not buy back chairs. All our chairs are bespoke made for each client. However previous customers have donated their chairs to local care homes, hospices, or hospitals.

    There is also the option to sell your chair second-hand.

General FAQ

Common inquiries

  • Where do I locate the serial number on the chair?

    The serial number is located on the back of each chair, on the bottom base, and will start with the initial of your chair i.e. P for Phoenix, S, or Sorrento, followed by 10 numbers which will equate to the year your chair was purchased.

  • How do I charge my chair?

    Your chair should arrive fully charged and ready for use. When you need to recharge your chair you will hear a buzzer warning when a button is pressed on the hand control to advise the battery is low. Plug your charger into the wall socket, you will see a green flashing light on the handset which means your chair is charging, a constant green light means your chair is fully charged. Status lights are also located on the left side of the control box.

  • Can your chairs be used to move someone?

    Yes, our chairs can be used to move someone, however, we would recommend they only be used to move someone from room to room. They should not be used externally or over long distances.

  • What cushion comes with your chairs?

    All our chairs come with our standard Envelo cushion. The Envelo range of cushions has been developed following extensive pressure mapping, comfort scoring, and trials. They are designed for anyone who has a short or long-term mobility issue and are used for those who are seated for prolonged periods or who are considered at risk of pressure injuries.

  • Are your chairs compatible with Stand Aids?

    Yes, our chairs are compatible with most Stand Aids. During the assessment, our Seating Specialist will evaluate the method of transfer and the equipment used to ensure a seamless experience.

  • Are your chairs compatible with full hoist slings?

    Yes, our chairs are compatible with a full hoist. During the assessment process, the method of transfer and the equipment used will be carefully evaluated to ensure a seamless experience.

Still have a query?

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To get in touch with our Customer Care team please complete the form. Alternatively you can contact our team on 028 777 66624.

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