Orlando Riser Recliner

A combination of comfort, usability, and clinical principles

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Incorporating caregiver, clinical and patient feedback, Sorrento 2 and Phoenix 2 have been engineered to offer the highest levels of clinical support for high dependency patients while offering caregivers an enhanced user experience when caring for their patients.

The features of the Sorrento 2 and Phoenix 2 combine global clinical seating guidelines with the Seating Matters ‘4 Principles of Effective Clinical Seating.’ The chair is designed to help in the prevention of pressure injuries, sliding and falls from the chair, and to encourage early mobilisation for patients who spend the majority of their time in bed.

Improved features include:

  • Seat width adjustability
  • Back height adjustability
  • Combined 30° and 45° tilt
  • Simplified user adjustments
  • Greater contact surface
  • Interchangeable backs

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