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Sarah's Story

  • Milano

Sarah, an 19 year old female, had spastic cerebral palsy and scoliosis. Suffered with high levels of pain in lower back and would have to go bed as a result of her previous chair, thus limiting her interaction with friends and family.


  • 19-year-old female
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Scoliosis
  • Hiatal hernia with resulting reflux and other GI problems.
  • Non-ambulatory
  • Living at home independently

Problem with old chair

  • standard wheelchair meant for mobility with no tilt or recline options.
  • Back was not full supported against the back of the chair
  • Scoliosis was not supported with adaptions
  • Leg rest could not support her mild knee flexion contracture

Caregiver Issues

Sarah's friends and family were unable to adjust her current chair which would support her to stay upright and independent all day. Instead they would have to assist with transfers to the couch or bed with reduced Sarah's ability to actively participate in activities. Sarah and her caregivers were also limited in the amount of time they could spend outside of the home because her sitting tolerance in her current chair was so low that they needed to be able to get home quickly in case her pain was too great.

Postural Issues

  • Sarah had spasticity that resulted in flexion in her elbows, wrists and fingers, however she was able to achieve almost full extension in her elbows.
  • She demonstrated flexed hips, adducted thighs and flexed knees that were unable to fully extend or to bend than 100°
  • Leaning to the left due to curvature in her spine as the day went on and she became more fatigued.


During the assessment, it was demonstrated that sarah needed a chair that could accommodate the curvature of her spine and her lower limb spasticity in order to take pressure off her lower back. She also needed customised seating that would accommodate her shorter physique and safely facilitate position changes, stand transfers and participation in activities of daily living.

It was decided that she would use a Seating Matters Milano™ chair with a horseshow pillow and lateral supports.

Postural Changes

  • Sat upright with normal pelvic posture and sliding from the chair was eliminated
  • Lateral supports helped to accommodate the curvature of Sarah's spine and prevented her from leaning sideways over the side of the chair.
  • comfort was significantly increased

Functional Changes

Sarah no longer had to limit her time out of the house because she had a supportive and comfortable chair that met her positional needs. She was able to be out in the common areas with her family when she got fatigued because the tilt in space and recline allowed her to change position but still be able to interact with family and friends.

Impact on skin

  • The position of Sarah's pelvis was improved and her feet were fully supported so there was a more even weight distribution throughout her body.
  • She no longer leaned heavily to one side
  • The risk of pain and developing a pressure injury was significantly reduced.

Qualitative Client Feedback

Sarah was pleased with Milano chair immediately as it looked like a piece of furniture, not a piece of medical equipment, whilst still providing her a form of transport from room to room without the use of her wheelchair. She was also able to utilise the recline and 45° tilt function to redistribute the pressure in her lower back thus increasing comfort and reducing the risk of skin breakdown.


  • Multi-User
  • Fully Adjustible
  • Sara Stedy Compatible

The Milano takes the clinical features, the quality and durability for which Seating Matters is known for and puts it into an accessible, universal chair.

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