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An Occupational Therapist, Author, Worldwide Educator and Clinical Director at Seating Matters. Since becoming an Occupational Therapist over 30 years ago I often had difficulty finding seating solutions for clients with complex needs. Seating Matters was therefore established by the Tierney family in 2006, designing and manufacturing a specialised seating range to meet these needs. The Seating Matters Clinical Team worked with Ulster University to carry out an extensive clinical trial with staggering results on the effectiveness of specialist seating in the provision of postural support and pressure management. Our goal at Seating Matters is to provide training to as many Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Nurses, TVNs, Carers and all professionals involved in any way in the seating and posture of clients with complex disabilities. The importance of seating for long term disabilities cannot be underestimated and it is our goal at Seating Matters to 'change the world of healthcare seating.'​ I have written The Clinician's Seating Handbook as a guide for therapists and caregivers on how to properly seat a patient. It explains proper seating technique and its role in pressure management. You can request your FREE copy of The Clinician's Seating Handbook here www.seatingmatters.com/handbook or book a FREE Lunch & Learn session here: www.seatingmatters.com/booklunchandlearn Thanks for visiting Seating Matters, I would appreciate please share any useful content and resources with others so as together we may enhance patient care.

Retirement of Tom McKenna who made our first chair

By · June 30th, 2016 ·

Health Plus Care London

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#Otalk2Us – Sunday 3rd July: The Role of Seating In Pressure Management

By · June 28th, 2016 ·

Some pre-chat reading to stimulate thought and awareness of seating in advance of the twitter talk on Sunday!
The Role of Seating in Pressure Management

Many people, […]

Successful #Otalk – Seating Patients with a Bariatric Condition

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These questions prompted lots of discussion and ideas from participants and I thank everyone that was able to participate in what was a lively and […]

Why is the incidence of pressure injuries increasing?

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Our Clinical Nurse Specialist, Patti Burke Martin examines the various ways that pressure injuries are treated in hospitals and care facilities across the world and […]

Specialist Seating for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

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I spend much of my time sharing with you stories about our elderly clients and how Seating Matters improves their lives, so today I want […]

Congratulations to the new Mr&Mrs Squire!

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What a lovely #FridayFeeling   #SeatingMattersStories

Love is in the air, in a Seating Matters Chair!
What warms your heart more than a wonderful wedding?  We were […]

How to Reduce Pressure Injuries in Seating

By · June 7th, 2016 ·

Despite ongoing research, evidence and skills, pressure injuries still affect 1 in 5 patients across the contiuum of care.  Too much emphasis historically has been […]

Justification for Specialist Seating

By · July 7th, 2016 ·

The Clinician’s Guide to Pressure Injuries

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