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The Clinician’s Seating Handbook

Martina Tierney OT has educated therapists globally on seating, positioning and pressure management.  She has carried out extensive research and has been a part of in depth clinical trials to push the boundaries of seating innovation.

The Clinician’s Seating Handbook is respected worldwide as the ultimate guide on seating.  It is used in university education worldwide and is a useful tool to update your knowledge on prescription and justification of clinical seating, using evidence based practice.  Click here to read more about this essential guide.


Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn by Seating Matters is a free, hands on seating training session with research and clinical evidence on the benefits of specialist seating.  It is suitable for multi disciplinary teams.

The training includes a practical demonstration of The Four Principles of Pressure Management in Seating, which when applied can replicate the results from our research study including achieving a reduction in pressure injuries, improved function, independence and quality of life.

Free CPD certificate of attendance for Continuing Education is awarded to delegates following this one hour training.  Click here to read more about these clinical seating training sessions.


Education Workshop

This clinically acclaimed seating and postural management Education Workshop has been endorsed by the College of Occupational Therapists and will be delivered by a specialist occupational therapist from Seating Matters.

The workshop focuses on the goals of seating, identifying postural abnormalities and their causes, pressure management, risk assessments, and how to conduct a basic or detailed seating assessment.

*A charge applies per person for this event. 


Advising on Medical Conditions

Many people due to their age, certain disabilities, diseases or conditions spend long periods of time sitting in a chair or confined to bed.

If their condition creates secondary postural or medical complications, properly seating and giving this person the comfort they deserve can be challenging.  Incorrect seating can have an extremely detrimental effect on someone’s health and quality of life, for example limiting their social interaction, impacting on their physiological functions and ability to carry out small tasks such as eating, drinking or reading a book, as well as possibly causing unnecessary pain and distress.

For these people the quality of their chair can determine the quality of their life.  A Seating Assessment and prescription of the correct therapeutic chair is essential.


Seating Patients with a Bariatric Condition

Seating patients with a bariatric condition can often present several challenges to both the patient and caregivers.

The patient’s weight and size, limitations in their mobility and independence combined with a lack of proper equipment can significantly increase the risk of discomfort and pain to the client, as well as the added risks of manual handling injuries, pressure damage and increased hospital stays.

The unique body shape of a bariatric client can be challenging and daunting to accommodate in seating.  Postural support, comfort, pressure management and increased independence are important requirements to consider when evaluating seating options to cater for this patient group.

Seating Matters can provide clinical advice on seating these clients and practical hands on training is available on request.  You can also find advice on seating patients with a bariatric condition in The Clinician’s Seating Handbook.


Videos: Clinical Education & Technical Support

At Seating Matters we are proud to be a clinically based company.  We are very passionate to share our knowledge and latest research to support continual education and evidence based practice.

Martina Tierney Occupational Therapist & Clinical Director at Seating Matters writes a regular blog (you can sign up at the bottom of this page) and makes educational videos to provide clinical advice and tips to clinicians and carers.

Our clinical team partner with world leading engineers in our technical team who have also created support videos to help you get the most from the Seating Matters chairs and find answers to common queries.

Click here to access all the full suite of helpful Seating Matters videos and please share with anyone who would find them useful.


Resource Portal

Our free Seating Resource Portal is packed with educational, helpful and informational resources which will help clinician’s when carrying out a Seating Assessment for patients. These are all easily accessed in one location and include:

  • Real patient case studies.
  • Patient repositioning schedules.
  • Basic and detailed Seating Assessment forms.
  • Posture and pressure management in seating resources.
  • Seating Matters chair overviews.