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Pressure Injury Prevention

Pressure injuries remain a common problem throughout healthcare systems. The magnitude is evident, as it is estimated that pressure injuries affect 10% of the healthcare population, yet it has been suggested that 95% are completely avoidable.

Designed to Reduce the Risk of Pressure Injuries

Seating Matters chairs have been clinically designed to help reduce the risk of pressure injuries, improving comfort and reducing the cost of care.

How Our Products Can Help

To achieve effective pressure management in seating, the Four Principles of Clinical Therapeutic Seating should be adhered to. These are;

Loading the Body

Loading the Body

Maximising the amount of contact the patient can have with the chair through the feet, legs, femurs, arms and back.

Providing Postural Support

Providing Postural Support

Pressure and posture are inextricably linked! It has been shown that better posture has a direct link to improved pressure management.

Allowing for Effective Repositioning

Allowing for Effective Repositioning

Guidelines recommend that seated individuals be repositioned every 2 hours. This is to increase blood flow and the amount of oxygen reaching the skin.

Using an Appropriate Cushion/Surface

Using an Appropriate Cushion/Surface

A cushion and surface that allows for immersion and envelopment of bony prominences like the pelvis, and providing a stable base of support.

Clinical Evidence

Seating Matters products have been clinically proven, alongside correct assessment and provision, to reduce the risk pressure injuries and improve posture and function.

A clinical field trial revealed significant findings including;


reduction in falls & sliding


decrease in pressure injuries


saved on treatment of pressure injuries

Seating for Pressure Injury Prevention

View the Seating Matters product range, clinically designed for pressure injury prevention.

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