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Falls Prevention

Many patients who use clinical, therapeutic seating are also those who are in high risk categories for falls. Falls which cause injury most commonly occur in those aged over 65 with two-thirds of falls being among those aged 80 years and above

Designed for Falls Prevention

Seating Matters chairs have been clinically designed to assist in the prevention of falls.

How Our Products Can Help

For those at risk for falls, proper seating can greatly improve their quality of life and potentially decrease the chances of falling.

Back Angle Recline

Back Angle Recline

Some patients will slide and fall from their chair because of an incorrect back angle on the seat. If however, the chair has an adjustable back angle recline, which can be altered and locked to the correct position, this will reduce the likelihood of the patient sliding and falling.

Adjustable Armrests

Adjustable Armrests

If a patient has poor sitting balance and head control, they can lean and fall to the side of their chair. Having a chair with appropriate, or adjustable, arm rests can help to mitigate this risk.



A safe chair will reduce risk of injury to the person sitting in it or to those in their environment. This could be safety in terms of pressure management, reducing oedema and swelling or a number of other factors.

Tilt in Space

Tilt in Space

Often, the use of Tilt in Space, a deep seat and a padded surface will often accommodate involuntary movement and reduce the risk of falls and injury.

Clinical Evidence

Seating Matters products have been clinically proven, alongside correct assessment and provision, to reduce the risk pressure injuries and improve posture and function.

A clinical field trial revealed significant findings including;


reduction in falls & sliding


decrease in pressure injuries


saved on treatment of pressure injuries

Seating for Falls Prevention

View the Seating Matters product range, clinically designed for falls prevention.

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