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Bariatric Care

Seating bariatric patients can often present several challenges to both the patient and caregivers and this issue is much more complex than simply providing a wider chair.

Designed for Bariatric Care

Seating Matters chairs have been clinically designed to assist in caring for the bariatric patient.

How Our Products Can Help

Chairs don’t always accommodate the size and shape of bariatric clients so it is necessary for chairs for bariatric patients to accommodate a gluteal shelf, larger calves and provide assistance with safe, independent standing.

Accommodating the Gluteal Shelf

Accommodating the Gluteal Shelf

A chair with a removable cushion at the lumbar level to accommodate the gluteal shelf allows the patient to sit back into the chair, with their legs and back supported.

A Suitable Seat Depth

A Suitable Seat Depth

A correct seat depth can give full support to the patient’s legs and in some cases their abdomen. A proper seat depth increases their surface area contact with the chair, thereby reducing interface pressure.

Accommodating the Calves

Accommodating the Calves

A leg rest that retracts underneath the chair can accommodate larger calves and allow the patient to maintain a typical 90° knee flexion posture with their weight distributed evenly through the feet.

Assisting with Transfers

Assisting with Transfers

By giving the patient more independence for safe transfers, he or she may feel better about the ability they have to care for themselves and may not be embarrassed about relying on others for help.

Clinical Evidence

Seating Matters products have been clinically proven, alongside correct assessment and provision, to reduce the risk pressure injuries and improve posture and function.

A clinical field trial revealed significant findings including;


reduction in falls & sliding


decrease in pressure injuries


saved on treatment of pressure injuries

Seating for Bariatric Care

View the Seating Matters product range, clinically designed for bariatric care.

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