Our Story

Martina Tierney Occupational Therapist and Clinical Director has specialised in seating throughout her 30 years in practice, having worked in acute care, community, nursing homes, rehab and many different areas of OT.  However, Martina struggled to find chairs to meet the clinical and functional needs of her patients.

Martina realised that her patients needed pressure care chairs which were designed to properly fit the patient’s size and were easily adjustable in order to meet their long term needs.  She set out to change the world of healthcare seating by designing therapeutic chairs that would meet pressure management, posture, comfort, mobility and functional requirements.

Seating Matters began when Martina and her husband James, an Engineer, started designing custom chairs to meet the needs of Martina’s individual patients.  James and Martina were passionate about solving seating problems and to support clinicians and families in doing so.  This passion was passed on to their 3 sons Jonathan, Ryan and Martin who could see there was a need for patients globally and that Martina wasn’t the only therapist that could benefit from these chairs.

The Tierney Brothers are true entrepreneurs, innovators and forward thinking in driving a successful company.  They have created a person-centered organisation that has the patient at the heart of every decision.  The culture of continuous improvement within Seating Matters means that products and services are continually enhanced to provide the best service and help as many people in need around the world as possible.

Good Seating Alone Was Not Enough 

Even today, too many people continue to endure constant pain because of poor posture.  Too many people suffer a reduced quality of life from avoidable pressure ulcers.  Too much money is being spent by health services worldwide on reacting to these problems after it is too late.

Proper seating can solve each of these problems and save our health services much needed money in the process.  To change the world of healthcare seating, we are increasing the knowledge available and sharing it freely with you to improve patient care and encourage evidence based practice.


Sharing the Knowledge

Seating Matters have educated thousands of people across the world on the principles of correct seating. We carry out Education Workshops, Lunch & Learn trainings and present our latest research at conferences worldwide to pass this knowledge on.  Help us change the world of healthcare seating.


Deepening our Understanding

Seating Matters are actively involved in research to further the knowledge available on seating.  We have teamed up with world leading researchers and performed clinical trials to continually push the boundaries of seating innovations.  Through our publications, such as The Clinician’s Seating Handbook, we are bringing this information and knowledge to you in a way that is easy to understand and to put into practice.


Our Purpose

Seating Matters was established to improve patients lives and to influence clinical best practice.  We set out to create chairs that would cater to the holistic needs of patients – providing comfort, postural support and pressure management.

The Seating Matters chairs have been designed by therapists and clinicians and are supported by independent clinical evidence, proving their ability in helping to solve a range of clinical problems through seating.

The goal of Seating Matters and the Tierney family is to make a difference to patients’ quality of life by:

We See a World Without Pressure Ulcers

Reducing Pressure Ulcers

Treat and prevent pressure ulcers for those with low mobility that spend considerable time in a chair or bed each day.


Improving Posture

Support efficient posture to encourage maximum independence and improve respiration, digestion and communication.


Advancing Clinical Research

Seating Matters with Ulster University carried out the first and only clinical trial on specialist seating to establish the impact of the Seating Matters chairs on patients’ health. The results are amazing.


Enhancing Quality of Life

Seating has a dramatic impact on peoples’ lives, especially for those who sit for prolonged periods of time.

Too many people continue to endure constant pain and suffering because of poor posture and a reduced quality of life from completely avoidable pressure ulcers.  Proper seating can solve these problems.

It is sometimes hard for an able bodied person to understand what it feels like to be sitting for long periods of time and how this affects your life if not within a proper chair.  An able bodied person can easily and unconsciously re-adjust their position before getting too uncomfortable.

As a comparison, think of the discomfort of sitting on a long haul flight.  You will even get up and walk around to reduce the pain.  This shows that a standard chair is not suitable for long term sitting.

Now imagine doing a long haul flight every single day of your life!  That is what some people are going through every day in their own homes, hospitals or care facilities and many haven’t even got the ability to change their own position.

That is why getting the right chair for the right person is so important.

If we can help you, a loved one or a patient, please get in touch and our trained seating specialist in your area would be delighted to visit and offer complimentary advice.

“The quality of their chair determines the quality of their life.”
Martina Tierney
Martina Tierney Occupational Therapist