Seating Matters: Attention to Detail

Seating Matters are changing the world of healthcare seating.

At Seating Matters we design and manufacture leading, therapeutic seating for adults and children.

They were designed by Martina Tierney, an Occupational Therapist with 30 years experience in seating patients.

This groundbreaking trial is having an amazing impact on patient care across the world.

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Alan Freeman, Design consultant, former Bentley automobile designer:

“Where Bentley was the luxury mark for a car this is like the luxury high end chair. You feel enveloped and comforted and really secure within the luxury of the chair. It’s similar to sitting in a Bentley”

Barry Duke, CE Marking & Testing Consultant:

“They are basically overdesigned, they are far stronger than they need to be, in fact they’ve been tested to limits that they don’t need to be tested to.”

Brian Cole, Engineering Consultant, Stabilus, Germany:

“We were able to take the chair to our engineering department in Germany which is a secret facility where Ferrari, Audi, Ford, BMW all bring their vehicles.”

“Seating Matters just continuously want to improve and make things better for the customers and patients that use the chair”

Ryan Tierney, Seating Matters:

“When Occupational Therapy and design come together there’s a certain magic that takes place”

“We use Tente casters, Stabilus gas struts, Linak motors and are proud to be partners in engineering”

“We are determined that the seating matters chairs will continue to be the best, the strongest, the most durable and most importantly the most comfortable range of seating in the world”

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