How to Perform Transfers from Seating Matters Chairs : Side, Full Hoist, Standing Transfers

Many people who use specialist seating are unable to weight bear through their feet, often requiring assistance from an aid such as a hoist, to help them in and out of the chair. The Seating Matters chairs give clients many benefits in terms of comfort, support, pressure management and mobility. The quality of the transfer into and out of that chair can dictate the extent to which the person can avail of all of these benefits.

Many advances have been made in hoist technology, to make transfers such as these easier for the care-giver and the client. As well as the hoist making things easier, the chair you have at your disposal can simplify a transfer. I believe that manual handling is increased when equipment is not used to its fullest potential. This video will outline the best practice tips for Hoist transfers using key features of the Seating Matters chairs.

Seating Matters are changing the world of healthcare seating.

At Seating Matters we design and manufacture world leading, therapeutic seating for adults and children.

They were designed by Martina Tierney, an Occupational Therapist with 30 years experience in seating patients.

This groundbreaking trial is having an amazing impact on patient care across the world.

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