Lunch & Learn or In Service Training

During the seating training session we will present the research conducted by Ulster University and Seating Matters.  We will provide evidence based solutions for seating people with different physical conditions including scoliosis, kyphosis, pelvic obliquities, fixed and flexible contractures, tight hamstrings and other major causes for concern in seating.

To find out more about the clinical outcomes of a Lunch & Learn session click here to visit our blog which has more details and a short overview video.


We will present the methodology and results from Seating Matters and Ulster University Clinical research.

Participants will be more aware of the importance of Seating and how it can impact a client’s posture, pressure care or function.

Bring along your difficult case studies and we will show you how we can solve them.

We will come to your team meeting or venue of choice.

Try the Seating Matters chairs for yourself.

Free CPD certificate of attendance for Continuing Education.

Free learning resources for all attendees such as a copy of The Clinician’s Seating Handbook by Martina Tierney (OT) worth £21.95/$27.95.

Snacks provided (if permitted).

One hour training session.

Thank you for the Lunch & Learn training we have received today.  The Seating Specialist was fantastic and very knowledgeable.  We all found it very valuable and are thoroughly impressed with the seating range you have to offer, and also with the affordability of the chairs.”

Vicky O’Brien, Occupational Therapist, England