Grow a Successful Business
While Changing Lives

Due to rapid global expansion, we are accepting applications from medical equipment suppliers who want to add Seating Matters chairs to their range and like-minded entrepreneurs looking to kickstart their business.

For Medical Equipment Companies:

  • Add a unique product, that greatly reduces the incidence of pressure ulcers, to your existing range.
  • Bring more value to your customers with top-selling products.
  • Take advantage of a global brand highly recognized in the healthcare industry.

For Individuals:

  • Operate under proven business model with complete back up and support: training, marketing and branding provided.
  • Previous medical experience an asset though not necessary– full training provided.
  • Potential for huge rewards – personally and financially.
  • Opportunity to enter the ballooning healthcare market.

WATCH:  Director, Jonathan Tierney, explains the opportunities that exist for potential dealers who join Seating Matters at a previous Dealer Expo in Phoenix.

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About Seating Matters

Martina Tierney, Occupational Therapist, worked in care facilities, hospitals, in community and rehabilitation environments with both adults and children throughout her long career.

She found that often the chairs for her patients just didn’t meet their needs.  The available chairs were designed for outdoor mobility and transport. But her patients often had complex medical problems and therefore spent long periods of time sitting in unsafe positions.

They didn’t need chairs for mobility and transport; they needed chairs to give pressure management, postural support, comfort and often more indoor mobility. In order to provide a solution to this problem, Seating Matters was established by the Tierney family.

Together with Martina and a team of clinicians, engineers and designers, Seating Matters have designed the world’s leading range of specialized seating to improve comfort and quality of life for those with postural and pressure management needs.  

WATCH:  Director, Martin Tierney, chats with Charlie in Florida who he met at a recent Dealer Expo. Hear what Charlie had to say about the Seating Matters business opportunity.

A Growing Market = Opportunities for You

Ageing Population & Pressure Ulcer Epidemic

As our population ages, the healthcare system is having to learn to deal with an increasing number of elderly patients with complex needs.  Every day for the next 15 years, 11,000 people will reach the age of 65 in the USA and Canada.

  • 1 in 6 elderly patients with a pressure ulcer will die within 1 year.
  • Each pressure ulcer costs facilities approximately $16,500 in treatment costs for one month.
  • 22% of people in a hospital or long term care facility have pressure ulcers right now.
  • The clinical trial with Ulster University showed that the Seating Matters chairs helped reduce pressure ulcers significantly, a huge clinical achievement and a dramatic cost saving for healthcare environments.

    Opportunity for you

    Official statistics show that the use of wheelchairs has increased by 90% in the past 8 years.

    We can save 1.6%-2.4% of healthcare budgets spent treating pressure ulcers, through our Pressure Management Program.  A staggering cost saving whilst also improving quality of life for patients.

Bariatric Problem

  • Obesity is becoming a worldwide challenge, as rates have nearly tripled since 1975.
  • In North America, approximately 50% of people are overweight and 36% are obese.
  • There is a lack of proper bariatric seating and care options available worldwide.

Opportunity for you

Close to 10% of medical spending is spent on bariatric patients.

Seating Matters developed The Bariatric Sorrento chair the worlds only tilt in space bariatric chair –  exclusively for patients of up to 650 lbs (45 stone).

The Bariatric Sorrento helps to accelerate a patient’s rehab,  and can lead to shorter hospital stays, meaning huge potential cost savings for facilities.

The Legal Case

It’s common for care facilities and hospitals to face legal proceedings after a patient has developed a pressure ulcer in their care. People are more educated now and realize that these are avoidable, serious injuries and so are treated as neglect of the patient.

Settlements costs associated with legal cases for medical malpractice for pressure ulcer development average at $250,000.  

As such, facilities are strictly monitoring pressure ulcers and patient skin, and are actively looking for methods to reduce/eliminate the incidence of pressure ulcers.  This is where Seating Matters can help, relieving some of the burden from their already very busy workload. We offer training and chair rental services with the potential to save facilities millions worldwide.

Future Growth

The growth of the healthcare industry, and within Seating Matters in particular will be exponential in the coming decades.  Seating will become a larger and larger market as healthcare systems move towards keeping people at home for longer and keeping people more active.  In addition, in other markets throughout the world, Seating Matters supply a larger range of equipment than is currently available in North America.  This includes a larger range of adult seating and a range of pediatric chairs. For people joining Seating Matters, the addition of new products and product ranges means that there will be significant growth for many years to come.