Why Seating Matters: A touching video on transforming older people’s lives, reducing pressure ulcers

This is the research project that is changing the world of healthcare seating.

Researchers from the Ulster University carried out a 2-year research project to see how proper seating can improve quality of life for older people and those with disabilities in hospital and care settings. The results will surprise and amaze you.

The Occupational Therapists and clinicians in the clinical involved lecturers from the Ulster University, and therapists from Seating Matters, including Martina Tierney OT. The trial measured the changes that occurred by intervening with proper seating as opposed to those using regular nursing home or facility chairs.

The study showed reductions in pressure ulcers (aka bed sores) of 88.3%, potential savings of millions of pounds in the cost of care, 95% recorded improvements in blood oxygen levels and a significantly lower amount of moving and handling carried out by care workers. These results could have a real and lasting influence on the health and well-being of elderly people and those with various medical conditions.

If seating assessments for wheelchairs and seating were carried out and these results were replicated in facilities across the world, it would save substantial sums of money for the healthcare system and make significant improvements in patient's lives.

For more information you can visit www.seatingmatters.com/clinical-research

Seating Matters are changing the world of healthcare seating.

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