Tierney Family & Seating Matters Featured on RTE Nationwide, Ireland’s National Broadcaster

Meet the Tierney family, the family behind the Seating Matters range of chairs.

Changing the world of Healthcare seating, one chair at a time.

Seating Matters create world-leading specialist seating for adults and children. They were designed by Martina Tierney, an Occupational Therapist with 30 years experience in seating patients. Martina and her colleagues at Ulster University conducted the first and only clinical trial ever carried out on seating to prove the effects on the health and quality of life of patients. This trial recorded an 88% reduction in pressure ulcers in just 12 weeks among various other clinical benefits.

This ground breaking trial is having an amazing impact on patient care across the world.

Find out about the research behind Seating Matters chairs here: www.seatingmatters.com/clinical-research/

Read Martina's blog here: www.seatingmatters.com/author/Martina-Tierney-OT/

Find out how Seating Matters can dramatically reduce the cost of care for your organisation here: www.seatingmatters.com/pressure-management-program/

Request The Clinician's Seating Handbook here: www.seatingmatters.com/handbook

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/whySeatingMatters/


LinkedIn: Martina Tierney


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